GenHTTP Webserver

Simple and lightweight, embeddable HTTP webserver written in pure C# with few dependencies to 3rd-party libraries. Compatible with .NET 6/7.

Get started

Fast Development

GenHTTP is intended to create feature rich web applications and webservices in a short time using a .NET based development environment and IDEs such as Visual Studio.

100% Managed

Written in C# and provided as a .NET library, with just a few dependencies. Host your server instance with just one line of code.

Simple & Powerful

The server API provides a simple, yet powerful, fully object-oriented module system to plug in your content. All modules follow best practices, e.g. in terms of security or SEO.

Flexible Hosting

Embed the engine into your existing .NET application (e.g. Windows Forms, console or WPF) or host it via Docker. No configuration files or other magic.

Minimal Footprint

Originally intended to run on a netbook with an Intel Atom processor, the server code is optimized to be fast and minimalistic, with low CPU and memory requirements.

Open Source

All sources are available on GitHub under the MIT license. Contributions welcome.