Resources provide an unified way to load and access binary data used by handlers to achieve their functionality. For example, the Download handler serves a single file on request - where the content of the file originates from is not important for the handler to achieve it's functionality.

var resource = Resource.FromFile("/var/www/downloads/myvideo.mp4"); // or FromString, FromAssembly, ...
    var download = Download.From(resource);

By implementing the IResource interface, a custom data source can be used to provide resources, for example a database or a cloud blob storage.

Resource Trees

Similar to the resources, resource trees provide an abstraction for a directory structure that can be consumed by handlers such as the Directory Browsing or the Single Page Application.

var tree = ResourceTree.FromDirectory("/var/www/downloads/"); // or FromAssembly, ...
    var listing = Listing.From(tree);

Virtual trees allow to combine different sources of resources into an unified tree:

var tree = VirtualTree.Create()
                          .Add("index.html", Resource.FromFile(...))
                          .Add("config.js", Resource.FromAssembly(...))
                          .Add("dist", ResourceTree.FromDirectory(...));
    var app = SinglePageApplication.From(tree);