NOTE The feature described in this section is deprecated and will be removed with GenHTTP 9.

The minification module allows you to minify typical web resources such as JS, CSS or HTML files before serving them to the client.

using GenHTTP.Modules.Minification;
    var app = Layout.Create()

The minification will only be performed if the server does not run in development mode.

As minification happens on the fly everytime a resource is requested by the client, you might want to combine the minification with pre-compression and a server side cache. See section "Pre-compress content" on this page.

Customizing Minification

If you would like to customize the default configuration, you can create a new instance with no plugins and add them manually.

The following example shows how to minify CSS only:

var minification = Minify.Empty()
    var app = Layout.Create()

Custom Plugins

If you would like to add a custom minification (e.g. to minify pictures by sending them to a web service such as TinyPNG) you can add a class implementing IMinificationPlugin and add an instance of that class via the Add() call of the minification builder. See the existing minifications (such as CssPlugin) in the server code for reference.